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About La Salette

Named for Mary’s mother, St. Ann is staffed by the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, an order that is dedicated to the ministry of reconciliation. Our community is invited to bring people together, provide support to those in need and share the love of Christ with everyone. La Salette missionaries serve all over the world, and are called to share the message of Mary’s grace. The hammer and pincers on the La Salette cross represent the sins of humanity that put the nails into the hands of Jesus and the good actions we do that remove the nails from his hands.

In 1846, in La Salette, France, the Blessed Mother appeared to two children. She told them to “make known to all my people” her message. Inspired by Mary’s call for reconciliation with God, the Missionaries of La Salette were founded in 1852 as “ministers of religion” to be “faithful dispensers of the mysteries of God.” Their charisms (a spiritual gift from God granted to the recipient for the benefit of others) focus on reconciliation and the Eucharist.
Today, the Missionaries of La Salette are active in many areas, from caring for the spiritual needs of the order's shrine visitors and parish community members, to serving as chaplains, teachers, youth ministers and counselors. The Province of Mary, Mother of the Americas, has approximately 120 members serving in the United States and Canada, as well as in Argentina and Bolivia. They work with bishops, clergy, parishioners, pilgrims and others throughout North America and the mission region in South America. There are more than 1000 missionaries serving in 27 countries around the world.
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•Watch this video for a more detailed account of Mary's appearance at La Salette and to learn more about the missionaries in action today. 
•Click here to visit the international La Salette website and read the weekly Sunday gospel reflection from Father René Butler MS, the La Salette Provincial. 
•See more of what La Salette, France looks like today:

Upcoming Events 

September 10: World Day of La Salette Laity | 7:00pm | Church | La Salette Laity prayer

September 10-18: La Salette Novena | Pray this at home or at the 9:00am Mass each day. | La Salette Novena

September 14 & 15: La Salette mission appeal | Learn about the order’s missionary activities and how the message of La Salette is being spread around the world. | All Masses

September 19: Feast of Our Lady of La Salette | 9:00am Mass

September 21 & 22: Celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of La Salette | Learn more about Mary’s message and its meaning in our lives and world today. | All Masses 

Special readings: Genesis 9:8-17 | Judith 13:18-20 | Corinthians 5:17-20 | John 19:25-27

October 2: Living La Salette Rosary | Participate in this prayerful activity with the parish community. | 7:00pm | Church

October 7: La Salette Life program  
This series is for those who want to connect more closely to the principles of spirituality contained in Mary’s message at La Salette.
Session 1: Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov. 4, 11, 18, 25  
Session 2: Jan. 13, 27, Feb. 3, 10, 24, March 2  
7:30-9:00pm | Room 30 

The Catholic Church of St. Ann is a La Salette parish family dedicated to reconciliation through worship, word, works and sacrament.

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