St. Ann's Columbarium

St. Ann's Columbarium is a sacred resting place on holy ground for cremated human remains with the same dignity of a cemetery. It will be a place for our loved ones to rest until our Lord comes again; a place at home in our beloved community and Church. Our columbarium will offer a very peaceful place for you to come and pray and ask God to intercede for your loved one.  The opportunity is here for you to purchase one of a limited number of niches in the Columbarium.

The parish columbarium offers these benefits:

The Code of Canon Law requires the Catholic Church to perpetually maintain its places of burial.  Hence, care will always be guaranteed.

Proximity on well-lighted Church grounds assures optimum security.

With your final resting place only a few feet away from the Church, your family and friends attending Mass will not have the inconvenience of driving to another location for a visit to pay their respects.

Our columbarium design fits perfectly into existing space, offering a serene, peaceful environment for meditation and quiet reflection.  Our beautiful sacred resting place will be located behind the altar outside. You are welcome to visit it anytime the church doors are unlocked.

Contact Information

Name Jim Herrel
Parish Administrator
Phone Ext. 6006


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