SAfe Haven resources

Clean Heart Online: Website and resources sponsored by the Archdiocese of Atlanta about paths of formation, hope and healing and how to combat pornography.  

For parents

How to talk with younger kids about pornography (age 6+) by Matt Fradd  

How to talk with older kids about pornography (age 12+): Video by Matt Fradd 

Parenting in the Social Media Age: Notes from Holy Family Counseling center presentation at St. Ann, August 10, 2019

For adults Website and resources about chastity including many good articles about the harmful effects of pornography 

Love People, Use Things: Series of podcasts by Matt Fradd and Noah B.E. Church on pornography  

Integrity Restored: Resources to help individuals, spouses, and families affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Also by Matt Fradd. 

Catholic Singles: How to talk with your significant other about pornography 

For Your Website on strengthening your marriage to a pornography-addicted spouse sponsored by the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops

For your Help for Men and Women Struggling with Pornography Use 

National Catholic Register: Pornography Hurts Marriages by Danielle Bean 

Very Well Can an App for Couples Really Improve your Relationship?  

For addiction  

National Catholic Register: Four Experts Offer Advice on How to Conquer Porn Addiction by Jim Graves  

Addiction Center: The top 10 signs of porn addiction 

Holy Family Counseling Center: Support for pornography, other addictions and life issues

Three Practical Tips to Quit Pornography: Video by Matt Fradd 

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