St. Vincent de Paul Society Assistance Resources

Where to Begin When You Need Help
Step 1: Apply for public assistance. You will see all government sponsored programs here.
- Under Step 2: there is an on-line interactive budget calculator.

Eviction or Foreclosure
Area resources given for help with rent and mortgage payments
- Articles and resources provided dealing with eviction and/or foreclosure.

Child Care Assistance
- Area agencies for childcare found here

Food Assistance
- Lists of area agencies and food pantries.

Healthcare Assistance
- Area agencies, clinics and ministries designed to help with all aspects of healthcare
needs including prescription assistance.

Housing Information
- Many different shelters and housing resources listed in the area.

Homeless Resources
- Resources and assistance programs for those who are without shelter.
- Furniture bank listed which provides free furniture and/or free storage for up to 3 months.

Job Search
- Employment and educational centers listed for full and part-time employment.

Legal Assistance
- All agencies offering legal aid are found at this location.

Transportation Assistance
- Medical transport energy assistance programs provided.

Utility Assistance
- Low income energy assistance programs provided.

Budgeting Your Income
- Suggestions as to how to prioritize and structure payment to creditors.
- Budget worksheet
- Tips for how to get out of debt

Other Area Resources
- Miscellaneous resources and organizations i.e. free pet food.

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