First Communion

First Communion and First Reconciliation are handled by LAUNCH Children's Ministry by calling 770-552-6400, Ext. 6040.

Important Information

The following forms are required for your child to receive First Communion:

  • *Sacramental Form
  • *Baptismal Certificate - a copy or we can make a copy of it for you in the office
  • *Parish Registration Form-  You must be a registered parishioner to receive First Communion at St. Ann's.

Following dates for both Catholic school and public school students:

  • *First Reconciliation Workshop (Mandatory for Parent and Child)
    • October 29th 2:30pm-4:00pm in the Church
  • *First Reconciliation
    • January 29th or 30th- information will be sent out at a closer date
  • *First Eucharist Workshop (Mandatory for Parent and Child)
    • February 11th 2:30pm-4:00pm in the church
  • *First Communion Rehearsal May 2nd
  • *First Communion May 5th or 6th


Recommended Training Videos

Contact Information

Name Jackie Kmet
Phone (770) 552-6400 ext. 6040


Name Jenny Kiehl
Phone (770) 552-6400 ext. 6023
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