Combatting isolation: Helping with life's transitions

Most people do not love change. And sometimes change is more profound than a new phone operating system or a new face delivering your mail.

Sometimes change is life-altering.

There is a ministry in our midst that specializes in this kind of change. It’s called One is a Whole Number.

“Our ministry is important because life transitions can be difficult and can feel isolating,” said Carol Jeras, who leads the group alongside Cecilia Griesenauer.

Known by its acronym, OWN provides opportunities to participate in volunteer, spiritual and social events with other singles. These singles may be divorced, widowed or never married, but they all are single Catholics looking to meet others facing similar world challenges.

“In a couples’ world,” Jeras said, “it provides a place to meet other singles and form new friendships in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.”

There arguably are few ministries that have more fellowship than this one. Since December, they’ve gone bowling, competed in trivia nights and adopted a family; they celebrated Mardi Gras, birthdays, the Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo. Next weekend, they’ll get together for a summer cookout.

“Our mission is to be more than a singles group,” Griesenauer said. “We care about each other and provide support to each other. People keep coming back because they have fun and make new friends.”

Click here to get involved with OWN.

pictured: Father Robert hams it up at OWN's Italian feast last month.


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