Divine discussions: Finding ways to live your life on campus

For many of us, college was a lifetime ago, so it can be hard to remember the challenges we faced. For others, those days and all they promise are yet to come.

Each Monday night this summer, a group of current and rising college students meets to reunite and discuss pertinent issues of faith and life. Many of these young adults are Life Teen alumni who come back because they see St. Ann as a second home, said the group’s volunteer coordinator, Emma Marsden.

“College can be a weird time in your life,” said Marsden, a parishioner who teaches religion at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School. “This group gives our college students a place to discuss issues that are particularly relevant to their lives.” After coffee and dessert, College Life prays together, listens to a speaker and then has a group discussion.

“The questions we have seen the most center around discernment and figuring out their vocations, as well as navigating relationships with people of different faiths and backgrounds,” Marsden said of the discussions. “Our students are also really interested in social justice issues and are dedicated to finding new ways to live out their faith on campus.” 

To that end, Marsden has teamed up with Youth Ministry Director Kelly Simpson and Encounter’s coordinator Stephanie Holden to develop a podcast for this audience. The 10-part series will debut in September with interviews that touch on topics such as discernment, dating, post-college life and healthy college habits.

Get involved in College Life by texting 404-394-8546 to be included in the GroupMe or following stanncollege on Instagram. Learn more on the Encounter page.

pictured: College students connect with friends and share their faith and life.


The Catholic Church of St. Ann is a La Salette parish family dedicated to reconciliation through worship, word, works and sacrament.

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