Encounter: Continuing education for the soul

Don’t look now, but the Encounter ministry has eyes and ears all around you.
    The newly launched adult faith formation program has created two teams of parishioners and they want your feedback on lifelong learning. Encounter’s welcoming and leadership teams represent various demographics and will help direct the program.
 “We wanted to consult and get input from people in the parish rather than choosing what we think people want or should know,” said Encounter Coordinator Stephanie Holden.
    Perhaps you’ve already been greeted by a member of the Encounter Welcoming Team. They are naturally friendly folks, the kind that everyone loves to be around for their smiles and happy dispositions. This crew has been on hand as Encounter kicked off its summer programming in May.
    “Like many other parts of our lives, we don’t stop learning at a certain age; it’s a continual process,” Holden said. “Think of it as a hands-on, continuing education program for the soul.”
    The Encounter Leadership Team will be key to developing the ministry’s programs (many summer classes launch this week). They work with Encounter staff to advise, promote, implement and evaluate all adult faith formation programs.
    Please introduce yourself to these key members of the Encounter team when you see them at Mass or around campus. Tell them what kind of adult faith programming you’d like to see.
    “Not only do the volunteers get to know their fellow parishioners, their faith grows. And we have a lot of fun,” Holden said. “When you get to know others, our big church feels smaller.”

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The Catholic Church of St. Ann is a La Salette parish family dedicated to reconciliation through worship, word, works and sacrament.

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