Sacred resting place: Columbarium provides peace

The columbarium has become a centerpiece of life at St. Ann since it was completed in early 2017. One of just a handful of columbaria in the archdiocese, this feature, located behind the altar, has brought peace to parishioners.

“Many feel it gives them and/or their loved one an eternal connection to St. Ann,” said Linda Walsh, director of pastoral care.

The project was spurred on by a need for a place for cremains that was reasonably priced and consistent with Catholic beliefs, said Parish Administrator Jim Herrel. Built with 400 niches, only 150 are left and all of those reserved for former parishioners or  immediate family members of a  parishioner have been sold. Each niche can hold one or two urns.

There are several pieces of artwork in the space that have special meaning for our church family. The weeping Mary of La Salette reflects the charism of our parish, Herrel said. A statue of St. Teresa of Calcutta holding a baby is reflective of the pain of losing a child.

This newest addition to campus has given many people a permanent home and a spot where grieving family members can visit frequently.

“It’s a beautiful place to go to meditate and remember those who have gone before us,” Walsh said. “Families can be seen in the columbarium praying together in front of their loved one’s niche before or after Mass.”

During every Mass that’s celebrated at St. Ann, those who are inurned in our columbarium receive special attention during the Prayers of the Faithful.

“This brings great peace to many,” Walsh said. 

Learn more about St. Ann's columbarium.

pictured: Artwork in the columbarium has a special meaning for our church family.


The Catholic Church of St. Ann is a La Salette parish family dedicated to reconciliation through worship, word, works and sacrament.

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