Sacrament of love: First Communion generates 'wonder and awe'

A two-year journey is about to come to an end. 

More than 140 children who have devoted themselves to weekly preparation classes since 2017, will make their First Communion next weekend. It’s a proud moment for their families and one in which all parishioners of St. Ann can share.  

“What a beautiful sign of Easter life this is for our community of faith,” said St. Ann’s pastor Father Ray.

The sacrament of First Communion at St. Ann is handled by the elementary religious ed program, Launch. Jackie Kmet has coordinated the program for three years. She said preparation has changed in recent decades. 

“It is evolving to center more around the family unit,” Kmet said. “Parents are now invited to participate and share in this journey. The hope is that the sacrament transforms the heart of the family and not just the First Communicant.”

Even the seating arrangement reflects this focus on family. When you made your First Communion, you probably sat nervously with your peers at the front of the church. Here, the communicants sit with their families before processing down the aisle as a group to receive the Eucharist for the first time.

“The children’s eyes are full of wonder and awe and their hearts are open,” Kmet said. “The family is radiating unconditional love. Both are gifts to witness.”

Learn more about the First Communion Ministry HERE.

pictured: Launch Director Jenny Kiehl leads one of last year’s First Communion classes.


The Catholic Church of St. Ann is a La Salette parish family dedicated to reconciliation through worship, word, works and sacrament.

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