Called to serve: Youth give back to the parish

What would you do to get the best seat at Mass without going to seminary? If you’ve made it to the fourth grade and through the first few sacraments, you’re a shoo-in for a primo spot.  

Altar servers get a priest’s-eye view and an opportunity to give back to their parish each week. Serving at the altar is a good way to get to know the Mass in a special and personal way, said Father John Gabriel, adding, “But don’t worry, priests mess up sometimes … that means you can, too!” 

After altar servers go through a formal training, they hone their skills on the job. By signing up as the third or fourth server, they can get used to the flow of the Mass. And if they forget a job, the Mass coordinator is in the pew behind to give them a nudge.  

“I like to be an active participant at Mass,” said Kathryn Palazzo, a seventh grader who serves frequently.

To better organize these vital roles in the Mass, Deacon Keith Kolodziej has added servers to the online scheduling system used by the lectors and the music ministry. Please make sure you are in the system by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

pictured: To serve, one must be baptized, have made first communion and be a parishioner.

Altar Server Pagekeeping

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