Fighting the good fight: FACTS ministry increases awareness

We talk about taking our faith into the community. Nearly four years ago, two of our parishioners took that message to heart, starting a ministry that would strike at the heart of the La Salette mission: protecting the vulnerable, embracing the alienated and welcoming all.  

Christy David and Jeni Stephens, founders of the St. Ann ministry FACTS (Fighting to Abolish Child Trafficking for Sex), have cultivated 100 disciples to tackle an epidemic that plagues Atlanta and its suburbs. 

FACTS volunteers are working to increase awareness of this crime while serving survivors at Wellspring Living in Atlanta. 

“People often ask what we say to the girls,” David said. “I’ve never discussed their experiences or trauma. We at St. Ann just show up and show them that they are worthy of our time.” 

On Thursday, FACTS is presenting a forum for parishioners as part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Check it out at Nolan Hall at 6:30pm or on Facebook Live.

pictured: FACTS co-chairs Jeni Stephens, left, and Christy David, right, with Wellspring Living founder Mary Frances Bowley.

FACTS Ministry page

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