Unbound is a world-wide organization that supports children in poor locations throughout the world. An individual selects a child from Unbound’s list of available children to be supported, and the sponsor makes a commitment to provide financial support (current minimum is $36 per month). In addition, sponsors and children (or their families) write letters and exchange photos.  Beyond working only with the children, there are elderly members of the Santa Ana community who are also available for sponsorship. Those who are sponsored receive additional medical and dental care that would not be available to them otherwise.

Father Roger Plante, M.S. was an early member of the Unbound ministry, and when he began a special project for St. Ann’s Church, it was serendipitous that Unbound had found an area in El Salvador named Santa Ana. Before Fr. Plante’s passing in December 2017, Father formalized the St. Ann – Santa Ana ministry, Board of Directors, and operating committees to ensure that this work would continue according to his vision.

How can I participate in the St. Ann—Santa Ana Ministry?
Many people at St. Ann’s are familiar with the Santa Ana Sponsorships. We have hundreds of parishioners who sponsor one or more children and/or elderly persons.  Frequently sponsors continue to help their sponsored child through college. When they no longer need our help, many people continue to write to them, and the sponsors reach out for a new child, if they desire.

How else can I participate?
In addition to the sponsorship of children, other suggested donations are:
•    Basic home build - $1500
•    Adult Bed - $120
•    Child Bunk Bed - $200
•    Scholarship Fund (any amount)
•    Composting Latrine - $500
•    Ecological Stove -$110
•    Elderly Medical/Dental Care - $125 - $200
•    Gift Notification card
•    We have gift cards for holidays and special occasions that are usually sent instead of a gift. Once you purchase a gift card, you can send it with a statement such as: In honor of your 90th birthday, Uncle Joey, a donation has been made in your name to Unbound, help support a child in a poor community.

Awareness Trips Each year, St. Ann sponsors two awareness trips to El Salvador:
1. Adult/Family trips to El Salvador  Sponsors can meet their sponsored children, elders, and families. This gives us an opportunity to not only observe the living conditions, but to also experience the profound impact that Unbound provides.
2.Teen Trip to El Salvador

St. Ann-Santa Ana Videos

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