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The Parish Nurse is a liaison between the individual and their family, parish, and medical health system, promoting both physical and spiritual health care, and assisting with active health care issues. Care is given to balance faith, knowledge, and skills to help the individual reach an optimum sense of well-being. The Parish Nurse does not provide physical nursing care but instead works to assure that the medical and spiritual needs of parishioners are met through the gifts we each receive from the Holy Spirit. The Parish Nurse functions through the following seven roles: health educator, health counselor, referral agent, health advocate, facilitator of volunteers, developer of support groups, and integrator of faith and healing of mind, body and soul. If you would like to contact the Parish Nurse, please use the information provided below.

Linda M. Walsh, RN, BSN 

Cold or Flu - Which One?

While we can give and receive them, neither a cold nor the flu are desirable gifts for Christmas!  But how do you know which it is?  The difference starts with the onset and symptoms.  The flu comes on quickly, usually with exhaustion and a high fever for about 3-4 days.  A cold usually starts more slowly with nasal stuffiness, sneezing or a sore throat, and rarely has a fever or exhaustion associated with it.  With a cold, there may be a mild to moderate cough.  But with the flu, a severe cough is quite common and bronchitis or pneumonia could develop, which should then be treated by a physician.  Treatment of both cold and flu is based on the symptoms but with the flu an antiviral medication may help lessen the severity.  Prevention for both is the key!  Wash hands often with soap and water and avoid close contact with others who have symptoms.  And of course, getting an annual flu shot will help lessen the chance of getting the flu!  For more information on the flu versus a cold, go to:

Other Heathy Information From Around The Community

We are counting on you to help save lives this weekend (12/16)!  The best gift of all is the gift of life.  Please make Christmas special by donating at this Sunday’s blood drive in La Salette Hall from 8 am until 2 pm.  Our Knights of Columbus are counting on YOU!  

“Festival of Wreaths” - A fundraiser to benefit “Second Wind Dreams for Seniors” will take place at Elmcroft Senior Living, 400 Marietta Hwy, Roswell.  A silent auction of beautifully decorated wreaths will run through 12/19.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 12/19 at 3pm but they need not be present!  For more information call 770-650-0555.

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