Opening the Doors of Tomorrow


A St. Ann feasibility study

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the future of St. Ann. We have given hundreds of in-pew survey responses to Cathedral/Cunneen Corp., the company that will summarize your feedback and provide a detailed report by July. If parishioners back the expansion plan, a building committee will be formed from  members of the parish and an architect will be hired to make preliminary drawings.​ Fundraising for the new building would begin in the fall.​

More details can be found by viewing the Opening the Doors Brochure and the above video.


St. Ann’s 10-year Master Plan 

The Archdiocese of Atlanta requires a parish to create a 10-year master plan before any large capital project can be undertaken. It must be developed and reviewed by a project study team from the parish and approved by the archdiocese.  

The plan involves interviewing staff and key ministries to:

  • •assess goals, needs, growth and options to adequately serve the parish over the next  decade.  
  • •assess requirements, ideas and directives for implementing the goals.  
  • •assess parish demographics and projected changes over the 10-year period.  
  • •project growth in staff and ministries over the same period.  


In 2016, then-pastor Father Tom Reilly commissioned a 10-year master plan to evaluate future needs. It included five options. When presented to the Parish Pastoral Council and to various ministries, these stakeholders could reach no consensus on moving forward and the plan was shelved.   

In 2018, Father Ray addressed the issue of space and growth once again. The master plan was updated and a new project study team  was assembled. Stakeholders were re-interviewed to validate the original need and the project study team narrowed down the five options  to one: 

  • •Construct a two-story, stand-alone building between the pavilion on Reilly Field and Nolan Hall.  
  • •Connect the two facilities with a bridge. 
  • •One floor would house a family life center with flexible meeting rooms, a new kitchen and stage.  
  • •One floor would house all the administrative offices now located across Bishop Lake Road.   
  • •Current administrative offices would be repurposed. 


View the 26-page plan.

For more information, contact Jack Busche.

The Catholic Church of St. Ann is a La Salette parish family dedicated to reconciliation through worship, word, works and sacrament.

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