2019 Spring Retreat

We are so excited for this year's 2019 Spring Retreat! Join us at Camp Woodlands in Cleveland, GA during the weekend of April 12-14 for a weekend that could change your life. We will meet at St. Ann's at 5:00pm on Friday, April 12th and will conclude the retreat on Sunday, April 14th after the 6:00pm Life Teen Mass.

*Registration for this event is now closed


Q: Registration - When can I register, how much does it cost, where do I register?

Registration for Spring Retreat is now closed.

Q: What does the cost of the Retreat include?

The cost of $175 includes transportation, food, lodging, activities, supplies, and a retreat t-shirt.

Q: How do I sign up?

The cost of the retreat is $175. Registration is now closed. 

Q: Where is the retreat?

The retreat is at Woodlands Camp in Cleveland, GA. It is about an hour and fifteen minutes north from St. Ann's without traffic.

Q: What time does the retreat start?

All teens must arrive to St. Ann's by 5:00pm on Friday. Pizza and drinks will be served. The buses will be loaded and leaving no later than 5:45pm.

Q: What time does the retreat end?

The Retreat will end with the 6:00pm Life Teen Mass on Sunday which should conclude around 7:15pm. Remember, Mass is a part of the Retreat. All family and friends are invited to join us for this final part of the Retreat.

Q: Cancellations?

If for any reason you need to drop from the retreat, you will be refunded 50% of the cost of the retreat. If you withdraw within two weeks of the retreat, we will not be able to offer you a refund.

Q: Can my child be in a group or cabin with their friend?

Yes! All participants can sign up for a cabin and bus at retreat check-in on Friday. As for small groups, please contact the Youth Ministry Office to make requests. We cannot promise that all small group requests will be met.

Q: What takes place at a retreat?

At St. Ann's we believe in experiencing Jesus Christ, and retreats are one of the ways that we do just that. Through dynamic talks, engaging praise and worship, vulnerable small groups, powerful prayer experiences, and an emphasis on the Eucharist we are committed to leading teens closer to Christ.

Q: Are retreats only for St. Ann parishioners or Catholic teens?

While Catholic in nature, retreats at St. Ann's are open to all teens regardless of religion. It is our belief that our God is one who calls to each and every one of his children. We take pride in being a community that is open, welcome, and hospitable to all. You do not need to be a registered parishioner to attend a retreat.

Q: Does my teen need to bring any additional money?

If they would like to. All meals and activities are covered by the cost of the retreat but there is a coffee shop and a camp store. If your teen would like to purchase anything then they will need to bring money to do so.

Q: What to bring?

Along with clothing, toiletries, and personal items, please remember to pack the following:

-twin sheets & blanket or sleeping bag



-at least 3 changes of clothes


-journal and bible

-swim suit and towel


-optional cash (for camp store and camp coffee bar)

Q: What not to bring?

All electronics must be left in the cabin for retreat sessions. Drugs, alcohol, and all other illegal substances are forbidden. If found, the authorities will be contacted first, then followed by the parents or guardians second, who will be asked to pick up the teen immediately.

During the retreat, your teen will have the opportunity to participate in optional water/lake activities. If they choose to participate, please make sure that they back swim suits and an extra towel. Girls, please refrain from packing string and excessively revealing bikinis.

Q: What if my teen has a food allergy?

Please contact the Youth Ministry Office within 2 weeks of the Retreat and we will make every effort to accommodate your teen as best as we can. Any teen is welcome to bring their own food due to allergies.

Q: What if my teen has to arrive late or leave early?

If your teen is unable to arrive in time to ride the bus or needs to leave the retreat early, that is no problem! Make sure that you inform the Youth Ministry staff ahead of time. Teens must be dropped off or picked by an adult driver. Teens cannot drive themselves.

Contact Information

Name Kelly Simpson
Email ksimpson@st-ann.org
Phone Ext. 6035


Name Ryan Cottrill
Email rcottrill@st-ann.org
Phone Ext. 6036




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