P4LT is a ministry for adults, typically but not restricted to parents of teens in the Life Teen program. All adults are welcomed! The mission of Parents for Life Teen is to lead adults and teens closer to Christ.

The P4LT Ministry is a five-pronged approach:

  1. Core Support & Affirmations
  2. Prayer teams
  3. Life Nights & Events
  4. Service
  5. Kitchen Crew

We have long recognized the importance of ministry not only to teens but also to their families, especially parents. The best thing we could do for any teen is to help their parents develop a stronger relationship with God and His Church.

It is not impossible but perhaps improbable that teens can be reached without reaching their parents. Despite conflicts that may arise between teens and their parents, teens still take their direction from their parents. Teens cannot be expected to do any more than the parents are willing to do.

The P4LT ministry gives the adult community, especially parents, a broader understanding of the Life Teen program and how it works. At the same time it develops parents spiritually and fosters good Christian families.

Click here for more information about our annual Life Teen fundraiser, Casino Night!

Questions? Please contact Kathleen Ferrante at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kitchen Crew

To all the parents and friends of Life Teen who have donated food supplies or have manned a Sunday Kitchen Team for Life Nights on Sundays, we remain ever grateful! This ministry continues to bless our teens every Sunday with delicious dinners following the Life Teen Mass. All Life Night meals and food are provided by your generous donations. Our Teens and Core members sincerely appreciate all that you do! If you are interested in becoming part of a Kitchen Crew or want to help by donating food, please contact Jennifer Piendel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact Information

Name Kelly Simpson
Email [email protected]
Phone Ext. 6035


Name Ryan Cottrill
Email [email protected]
Phone Ext. 6036





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