What is a Catechist?
Catechists (whether parish volunteer or Catholic school teacher) are defined as anyone who "assists another in understanding and living the faith through intentional formation." (ex. Launch leaders, EdgeVisors, Youth Ministry Core Members, RCIA leaders, AFF Teachers, etc.)

One of the great things about being a catechist is that by teaching, we sometimes learn more than we teach! Lifelong learning is a hallmark of being a catechist, and our Archdiocese requires that all catechists make progress towards catechist certification.

What is Catechist Certification?
The process for catechist certification in the Archdiocese of Atlanta is contained in the document Communicating the Catholic Message (2014). The requirements for Certification differ for parish catechists and Catholic school teachers, both build competency in four key dimensions: Catechist, Theology, Learner and Methods.

Communicating the Catholic Message, authorized by the Archbishop and the Office of Formation and Discipleship, exists to give direction to the catechetical ministry in the Archdiocese of Atlanta in assuring that the catechists are well prepared for their task.

There are three levels of certification: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, whether working with children, youth, or adults. Children, youth and adult session opportunities are available at parish, diocesan or online. See below for a listing of current pathways to certification.

How May I Achieve Certification?
•    Beginning catechists should print the Parish catechist certification log sheet. (current catechists should request their updated log by emailing Steve Botsford at sbotsford@st-ann.org)
      o    Basic log
      o    Intermediate log
      o    Advanced log
•    Attend courses or complete an online course (see options below)
•    Record each course completed on the log sheet and enter details online on the St. Ann’s Catechist Certification Record.
•    Once all sessions have been completed, contact and submit completed log sheet to the Parish Catechetical Leader assisting with catechist certification (Steve Botsford).
•    Contact Steve Botsford at sbotsford@st-ann.org with any questions.

What Certification Options are Available?
Catechist Training at St. Ann
To help you further your religious education and complete your catechist certification, please sign up to attend one or all our classes.  They are offered on different days and times at St. Ann for your convenience.

See and sign up for currently available offerings.
Click here to complete your evaluation after taking a session at St. Ann’s.

Atlanta Catechist Conference
The ACC is designed to offer sessions that directly support catechist certification.

The ALL NEW Atlanta Catechist Conference Coming 8/18/18!
Save the date and watch for information and updates about this exciting new catechist conference.  The NEW Atlanta Catechist Conference will be held at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center.  The planning committee is working hard to bring great speakers in English and Spanish to this event. Special workshops will be offered for Parish Catechetical Leaders, Youth Ministers, RCIA teams and Catechists.   Watch for information as it becomes available on our new website www.atlcatechistconference.com.

Benefits of attending:
•    Educates Catechists in four dimensions of formation
      o    Catechist skills and spirituality
      o    Theology – understanding Catholic teaching
      o    Learner topics and approaches
      o    Methods appropriate for children, youth, and adult
•    Promotes a sense of larger and local Church community
•    Benefits our learners because of better educated and prepared Catechists
•    Attend up to five sessions and make substantial progress in one day

Echoes of Faith Video Series
Videos on DVD are available for each of the basic sessions. Check out DVDs from the LAUNCH office during normal office hours or during sessions. Take a quiz to earn credit. Complete at your own pace and time. Depending on which video you pick, it will count for different credits.

This resource lists categories for single course webinars captured during local sessions or produced by established Catholic publishers. Participants determine what to take and can view free sessions at their convenience. Course codes are included in the chart for easy selection options. Click page link, select category, and choose video to view.

Youth Ministry Certification Options
Catechists for Youth Ministry (Core Team members) need to add 8 YM sessions to complete their YM certification. General YM sessions are offered at the Atlanta Catechist Conference but can also be completed through online video opportunities.

Franciscan University of Steubenville & Life Teen Youth Ministry Certification
The Life Teen and Franciscan University Certification is a revolutionary new way for Core Team members to be trained as effective, passionate, and knowledgeable relational ministers. Six video modules contain video training from leading youth ministry experts and professors from Life Teen and Franciscan University along with book suggestions that will not only empower adult volunteers but also make them effective agents of discipleship.

Archdiocese of Atlanta Called to Accompany Series
The Called to Accompany series invites youth ministry volunteers to learn and explore the many aspects that make a parish youth ministry successful.  Through videos and group discussion, volunteers are encouraged to respond to Pope Francis' call to accompany the youth towards a deep and fulfilling relationship with Christ and His church.

The eight sessions are based on the 8 Pillars as defined in the USCCB Publication Renewing the Vision. The document can be ordered (but is not necessary for completing the series).

So, what am I supposed to do now?
•    Mark your calendar for the Atlanta Catechist Conference on August 18, 2018.
•    See and sign up for currently available offerings at St. Ann’s.
•    Use your spare time to view/listen to webinars and videos online at your convenience!

Note: You may work towards basic, intermediate or advanced certification at the same time, but cannot be awarded intermediate until basic is complete, or advanced until basic and intermediate are complete.


Publisher Resource Pages


Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse
As of July 1, 2012 the State of Georgia redefined "child service organization personnel" in the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Law to include additional categories of people who are under the "mandatory reporter" list. Please review the updated Archdiocese Code of Conduct and Sexual Abuse Policy and make note of the changes.

If a child discloses any form of abuse to you, please read the Procedures for Processing Allegations set forth by the Archidocese of Atlanta. St. Ann policy is to report abuse to our Pastor, Fr. Ray Cadran within 24 hours of awareness or subject yourself to prosecution.


The Catholic Church of St. Ann is a La Salette parish family dedicated to reconciliation through worship, word, works and sacrament.

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