Job Postings

Join the Career Quest YAHOO GROUP, there are no charges for this and you can remove yourself at your own discretion. This group will give you access to many other attendees, Career Quest Volunteers, updates about the ministry, others job-seeker groups/ministries & many local Job Postings.

You can CLICK HERE to join the Career Quest Yahoo Group (you will be prompted to create a YAHOO ID, if you do not already have one, when you click "JOIN GROUP" on the Yahoo page)

OR follow these instructions:


1.         Create a Yahoo account/e-mail address, if you don't already have one
2.         If you have one, make sure you are logged in
3.         Then go to Yahoo Groups
4.         Browse categories: business/finance/employment/work/job career fields category
5.         Click on the name of our group: careerquest_sa  and you will be taken to the group's main page
6.         Click on the "Join This Group!" button, located in the top, right corner
7.         Verify that you are joining with your correct profile
8.         Select the email address that you would like to use
9.         Set how often you would like to receive messages & the way you want them delivered
10.       Type in the text for the word verification
11.       Press "Join"

Contact Information

Name John Marotto
Phone (770) 552-6400 ext. 6104
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