Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse is a liaison between the individual and their family, parish, and medical health system, promoting both physical and spiritual health care, and assisting with active health care issues. Care is given to balance faith, knowledge, and skills to help the individual reach an optimum sense of well-being. The Parish Nurse does not provide physical nursing care but instead works to assure that the medical and spiritual needs of parishioners are met through the gifts we each receive from the Holy Spirit. The Parish Nurse functions through the following seven roles: health educator, health counselor, referral agent, health advocate, facilitator of volunteers, developer of support groups, and integrator of faith and healing of mind, body and soul. If you would like to contact the Parish Nurse, please use the information provided below.

Linda M. Walsh, RN, BSN 


Men's Health Tips - Stop by the narthex table!

Since 1994, Americans have celebrated Men’s Health Month in June.  The goal is to heighten everyone’s awareness of the importance of preventing health problems by early detection and treatment.  Both men and boys are encouraged to seek regular medical checkups and prevent illness and injury when possible.  The issue of men’s health is a family issue because it impacts wives, mothers, children and even sisters.  The Men’s Health Network is a great resource for a variety of issues from head-to-toe such as depression/anxiety/stress, dementia, heart health, lung health, gastrointestinal health, urinary health, and even eye and foot health.  Go to and for more information.  Meanwhile, the Health and Wellness Ministry has great information on “men’s mind, body and spiritual health” this weekend at their table in the narthex!  Stop by and take a look!


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