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The Parish Nurse is a liaison between the individual and their family, parish, and medical health system, promoting both physical and spiritual health care, and assisting with active health care issues. Care is given to balance faith, knowledge, and skills to help the individual reach an optimum sense of well-being. The Parish Nurse does not provide physical nursing care but instead works to assure that the medical and spiritual needs of parishioners are met through the gifts we each receive from the Holy Spirit. The Parish Nurse functions through the following seven roles: health educator, health counselor, referral agent, health advocate, facilitator of volunteers, developer of support groups, and integrator of faith and healing of mind, body and soul. If you would like to contact the Parish Nurse, please use the information provided below.

Linda M. Walsh, RN, BSN 


Cars and Kids DO NOT Mix!

The statistics do not lie.  Since 1998, the average number of annual child vehicular heat stroke deaths has been 37, or one every 9 days.  That’s 37 deaths per year that are completely preventable.  Yes, anyone can be distracted but there are ways to help prevent a distraction from becoming a fatality.  With education, simple reminders, and establishing habits, we can prevent hearing such tragic news.  Simply put, NEVER LEAVE A CHILD alone in or around a vehicle; NOT EVEN for a minute!  Make it a habit to “look before you lock!”  Create a reminder to check the back seat by putting something you will need in the back (purse, backpack, etc.).  Or, keep a large stuffed animal in the car seat and when the child is in the vehicle, move it to the front passenger seat as a visual reminder that the child is present.  Keep a strict communication policy with your childcare provider about drop-off days/times so that if your child does not arrive to daycare, there is a double check as to their whereabouts.  Be especially vigilant during busy, stressful times or when schedules change.  Also, use drive-thru services when available so not to be tempted to leave a child in a car for “just a moment”.  Take the child with you, whether sleeping or not.  Not only is the heat an issue but car theft and child abduction are serious concerns, too.  Finally, if you see a child left unattended in a vehicle, get involved by calling 911 immediately and get them out if they seem hot or sick.  Let’s change the statistic for 2017!  For more information go to

Other Healthy Information From Around the Community 

Please save a life by donating blood today!  Summertime brings with it an increase in the need for blood products of all types.  Please consider saving a life by donating blood today in La Salette Hall from 8am – 2 pm.  (Sunday, 6/25 only)

“Foodie Duty!” – a Speaking About Women’s Health presentation will take place on Tuesday, 7/11 at KSU Center for Continuing Education.  Healthy Happy Hour at 5:30, dinner at 6 pm, and presentation at 6:30. Join other women from the parish as we learn how to create meals for the entire family that help maintain weight, prevent chronic illness, and boost energy levels.  Cost of $10 includes healthy dinner, presentation and gift.  RSVP to 770-956-7827.   

Family and spouse support groups - at Arbor Terrace, 886 Johnson Ferry Road; RSVP 770-977-4420.  Details as follows:
Family Caregivers – Open to anyone caring for an aging loved one; first Monday of the month from 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Spouses – information, insights and encouragement with other spouses facing same challenges; second Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm 

 “Play it Forward” – a sports gear drive for local senior living facilities – The recreational therapy departments at several local senior living facilities are asking for donations of new or gently used sports equipment for basketball, baseball, wiffle ball, golf, shuffleboard, croquet, hockey, and other similar sports.  Drop off at Manor Care, 4360 Johnson Ferry Place from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.  Call 770-971-5870 ext. 2235 for more information.

A Matter of Balance: Falls Prevention Programdesigned to give practical strategies for managing falls and increasing activity levels.  Every Thursday from 10 am – noon starting 6/8 at WellStar East Cobb Health Park, 3747 Roswell Road.  Cost:  $30.  RSVP at 770-793-7141. 

The Chemo Cap and Prayer Blanket Ministries welcome donations of yarn and fleece.  If you would like to make a donation of either, please contact the Pastoral Care Office at 770-552-6400 extension 6019.  Thank you!

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