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What is Core?

“We must translate the message of Jesus into their language with patience and wisdom, without betrayal. Remember that the these young people have within them even though in a confused way, not just a readiness or openness, but rather a real desire to know Jesus, who is called Christ.” - Catechesis Tradendae #40


  • A Core Member is an adult who is responding to his or her baptismal call to serve in youth ministry.
  • The goal of the role is to lead teens to Christ.
  • Core members are one of the most vital parts of the Life Teen ministry.


There are three main roles for every Core Member:

1.Core as Child of God

2.Core as Catechist

3.Core as Relational Minister


The commitment to be part of the Core Team is demanding but also rewarding. The ways we ask you to serve the mission of Life Teen are:

  • The Mass
  • Life Nights
  • Retreats
  • Core meetings and trainings
  • Outreach and Relational Ministry


Interested in joining? Please contact the Life Teen Office for more information!

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